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Adoption and Approval Process

Please read requirements below before filling out Adoption Application

NO BREEDING: Under no circumstance may the equine be bred. In the case of an accidental breeding, the adopter must immediately notify HHR and then agrees to donate $500 to the organization to the “gelding fund.” 


                                                 Standard of Care   

  • The equine shall be given annual vaccines determined by your veterinarian.

  • Regular trimmed hooves by a qualified farrier.

  • Follow an appropriate de-worming schedule, recommended bi-monthly,

  • The equine shall have her/his teeth checked annually by a certified veterinarian and floated when recommended.

  • Follow appropriate guidelines for feeding daily and providing fresh water.

  • The adopter shall provide adequate shelter from wind, snow, sun and rain.

  • The equine shall have adequate fencing.

  • Veterinarian services shall be used for any serious illnesses or injuries.


  • Adopter must notify HHR in writing of the intent to transfer ownership. The written notice must include why the adopter desires transfer of ownership.

  • Adopter must fully disclose past history of the equine to prospective owners. Adopter must notify of any prospective owners that they will be required to sign the “Adoption Contract,” with the organization.

  • Prior to transfer of ownership, adopter is required to inspect the location of where the equine will be living.

  • The new owner is required to meet the “Standard of Care,” listed above.

  • The organization reserves the right to require the return of the equine at adopters expense, rather than transfer ownership.

SURRENDER: During anytime of the equine’s life it can be surrendered to HHR.  In the event of the Adopters death, and if Adopters heirs are unable to maintain the equine, Adopters heirs must also return the equine to HHR as provided for above. Adoption fee is non-refundable.

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